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Thought Vitamins
A healthy life starts with a healthy mind. 

Thought Vitamins is a site dedicated to the pursuit of healthy thinking. Not a self-help theory, ideological forum, or collection of happy thoughts, but a light exercise regiment to expand your thinking.


We have become a society of mentally flabby, intellectually lazy, psychological couch potatoes. Your mind is every bit as flexible and enhanceable as your body. It's time to roll off the cognitive sofa and hit the mental gym. 

Daily Vitamins

Thought Vitamins and Mental Minerals

Feature Editorial

The Damage of Lies

Opinion — Matt Faye

January 18, 2021

On Wednesday afternoon, January 6th, during the mob siege that overran the capital building, Ashli Babbitt was shot by a security officer as she was trying to breach the doorway to the main chamber of congress. A married, 14-year Air Force veteran from California and owner of a pool cleaning business, she was pushing her way through a door blocked by a hastily erected barricade and armed guards. Ashli was a self-proclaimed Libertarian avid Pro-Trump supporter. She wasn't home with her German shepherd or cleaning a client's pool, she was lying on the floor of our governments capital bleeding from a gun shot wound to the neck. Why? — Read More


Yes, Thought Vitamins are fun, entertaining, informative, thought provoking and come in lots of tasty shapes and flavors. More importantly, they work.

Your mind is you: conscious thought, rational thinking, sound judgment and the experience of enjoying popcorn at a movie. These are mind things.

Mind things can be every bit as healthy or unhealthy as body things. Mind healthy things are not plants, minerals, medications or physical exercise. They are thoughts. Thoughts of truth, science, love, problem solving, analytics, perspective and contemplating our human stories are healthy mind things. The mind craves them, seeks them and eats them up. Thoughts of lies, selfishness, apathy, isolation, hate and fear are unhealthy mind things.

Thought Vitamins are simply this: Bite-size essays with a commitment to our reality, to inspire healthy thinking that nourish the mind. They are not just "happy thoughts". Although there is no scientific evidence that happy thoughts will do any harm, they are not enough. The mind needs to be challenged, expanded, exercised and expressed. These things make us feel worthy, valuable, engaged, optimistic and yes, happy. Not only that, because thoughts drive our actions, healthy thoughts will undeniably improve the practical outcome of our lives.

Thought Vitamins — Feed your mind!

More about Thought Vitamins

The Urgency of Humor

Oct 4, 2020

Critical thinking is not the only tool in maintaining sanity. Humor is the other. Take things seriously when needed, but taking a minute to laugh at the insanity is also a solid defense in protecting your own. Weird All and the Gregory Brothers have teamed up to give us a much needed dose of humor vitamins, and in the process actually added some clarity to a chaotic debate. Cheers!

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