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The Arts

How do the arts fall within the pages of Though Vitamins, a site focused on the pursuit of intellectual exercise? Although some have claimed evidence that certain animals are capable of artistic expression, there is no distinction between man and animal — apart maybe from our capacity for reasoning and our handy opposable thumbs — like our ability to produce artistic works that define and enrich our experience as humans. Why then focus on film to the degree we do, rather than seemingly lofter intellectual expressions like poetry, painting, or classical music, especially given the range between B-movie eyeball candy and films perceived to be lofty enough to call "cinema"? 


We focus on film for two reasons. First, because the Though Vitamin Editor is a massive film fanatic. Second, because every artistic expression — music, writing, photography, theater, painting, poetry —each with their own intellectual value and properties, all come together in this one modern artistic expressions — Movies.  No other art form can create a universal experience like film.

"Everyone's a critic" so they say, so we'll take a pass on that. Whether you call them movies, film, or cinema, we offer you a list of them to not just think about, but experience.


In addition to films, we offer some of our favorite recommendations in a range of music, photography, books and podcasts. 

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