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The thought behind Thought Vitamins

Yes, Thought Vitamins are fun, entertaining, informative, thought provoking and come in lots of tasty shapes and flavors. More importantly, they work.

Thought Vitamins work on several levels. To convince you though, we have to share an understanding. Your mind and your brain are not the same thing. Your brain is a pound and a half of tofu-like gray matter that rests comfortably between your ears. Its job, aside from keeping your heart beating, storing your childhood memories and calculating another person’s face as hostile or tribesman, is to facilitate the activities of the mind. 


Your mind is you: conscious thought, rational thinking, sound judgment and the experience of enjoying popcorn at a movie. These are mind things.

Mind things can be every bit as healthy or unhealthy as body things. Mind healthy things are not plants, minerals, medications or physical exercise. They are thoughts. Thoughts of truth, science, love, problem solving, analytics, perspective and contemplating our human stories are healthy mind things. The mind craves them, seeks them and eats them up. Thoughts of lies, selfishness, apathy, isolation, hate and fear are unhealthy mind things.

A healthy mind cannot exist without the brain, although the brain could go on just fine without the mind. It is therefore critical to take care of the brain and body to support the mind with food, exercise, sleep. A healthy mind is also different than mental health which can include pathological irregularities, therapies, treatment and possibly even pharmaceuticals. Yet, all these things are not Thought Vitamins. (For those, go see a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, and/or a psychiatrist).

Thought Vitamins are simply this: Bite-size essays to inspire healthy thinking that nourish the mind. They are not just "happy thoughts". Although there is no scientific evidence that happy thoughts will do any harm, they are not enough. The mind needs to be challenged, expanded, exercised and expressed. These things make us feel worthy, valuable, engaged, optimistic and yes, happy. Not only that, because thoughts drive our actions, healthy thoughts will undeniably improve the practical outcome of our lives.

But we said "several levels", yes? Here's where it gets really interesting. Thoughts are not like other vitamins that enter the body, do their bidding, only to be expelled from the kidneys. Thoughts build up in the mind, become self-perpetuating and foster a breeding ground for new thoughts. Moreover, science is learning more and more about how our thoughts strengthen, and create, new neural pathways in our brain. These new connections raise our intelligence, memory and sharpness. That's not the brain creating thoughts, THAT'S THOUGHTS CREATING BRAIN!


Start a regiment of healthy mind snacks.

Thought Vitamins — Feed your mind!

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